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I see fashion and photography as a way to express yourself and to me it’s an opportunity to show different ways of being but also as a way to combine the two things I love most, fashion and travel.

I am always open to new challenges being proposed and I am a person who always goes after what I’m doing. Fashion is my way reflect my real personality; charismatic, open-minded, honest and faithful. I am proud of who I am. Those days, a model is often a model of society. Many young girls identify with this type of person. Therefore, I am a simple person, smiling and go-getter. I remain myself in any situation and I am down to earth.

I believe that today, the company needs such a model. I love helping others and see them smile afterwards. I needed to set an example to see a change in the world. I know that I want and I will get it!

I love different cultures and experience the “real life”. I adapt very well to the place where I am and with the people around me. My dedication towards the industry and my positive attitude will get me to my goals!

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Lady Million

About Me


Location: Schwyz, Switzerland
Age: 29
Ethnicity: White/Caucasic
Gender: Female
Height: 178cm / 5´10”
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Black
Bust: 95 cm / 37″
Waist: 65 cm / 26″
Hips: 95 cm / 37″


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